Reaching Beyond Barriers - Q&A with the Author

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How long have you and David, your husband, served with TWR, and in what parts of the world have you served?

We were accepted as TWR missionaries 30 years ago and moved to our first overseas location in January of 1981. We have served in Guam, Singapore, Australia and our present location, South Africa.

What made you decide to write a book about TWR's ministry outreach to West Africa?

I found confirmation from the Lord when I spoke with a wise leader about taking on the project to write the story of West Africa. Many people who heard what God was doing in this area of the world were amazed and said, "This should be written down for all to enjoy."

Did you encounter any obstacles while writing?

Nine months of editing and rewriting comes to mind ... But the painful process of being told how to improve my writing has resulted in a tool that I have confidence will strike deep into many hearts.

What impresses you most about TWR's ministry to West Africa?

After dictating the testimony of a Beninese pastor who drew a picture of the depth Satan goes to in pulling people away from God, Jean, my translator, impacted me with the following statement: "We here in West Africa need to be deep in the Lord, putting on the full armor of God daily. A quick ten minute devotional in the morning isn't enough for this battle." What an impact TWR is having on the front line!

What has God taught you about Himself during this process?

Throughout 2008, while outlining the chapters for the book and preparing to travel into West Africa, God impressed on me the following verse from Isaiah 30:15 "... in quietness and trust is your strength." I sat many lonely days for hours at my computer, in quietness, seeking God's strength to write the next paragraph ... the next story. I cherish those moments of trust-building, when through intense, lonely struggles I experienced the Lord's strength.