Annual Report: Freed From a "God" That Could Not Save

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Just think about it for a moment. You're sitting in a mud hut in sweltering temperatures. You have no phone, no internet, no books, and no television. But, you have a radio. This little black box is your connection to the world out there. One day you turn it on and a short wave signal from Swaziland beams a new message into your ears. During the broadcast you receive Christ and your whole life turns around. From darkness to light. From bondage to freedom. From being lost, to being found.

Every month TWR receives testimonies about this happening. This month, we're sharing with you a story from a Lomwe man living in the Zambezia province of Mozambique. He says,

"While I was in a critical situation, following a god that could not save, I had many concerns about worshiping 'him'. My family and I didn't have any hope or liberty. I went for military training and returned as a police officer. One afternoon, my wife and I found ourselves listening to the programme Weherya Mwa Yesu (Words of Hope). My wife used to listen to the programme and she requested my attention to the programme because the main subject was salvation through Jesus Christ. I listened to the programme some more days and we decided to become Christians and follow Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Now we live in peace and we are very happy because the Lord Jesus reigns in our house and He really reigns in our lives. We gave financial support to build a church for 100 members, because we used to have our Sunday service under a tree. Because we are saved and we experience the joy of the Holy Spirit, we think that it is our responsibility to invite others to know Christ as Saviour. Remember us in your prayers."

The programme Words of Hope has been broadcast on short wave from Swaziland into Mozambique since 1989. 21 years later, the programme continues to receive incredible responses like the one above. In the first four years, more than 50 churches were established. Now, there are over 300 churches with memberships ranging between 20 and 500!1

Unfortunately, the short wave signal is difficult to receive in the city area - in competing with government-owned FM stations it gets drowned out. Sadly, there are no Christian FM stations in the city. Hence, TWR has plans to build an FM station in Mocuba. Please prayerfully consider supporting this project and help TWR to be the first to broadcast the gospel on FM in Mocuba. Through this, many more Lomwe people will be reached. Check out our web site for more information - {}

1. Information sourced from the World Council of Churches and previous TWR publications
Published: 10 October 2010