A Change Agent in Zimbabwe

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You may recall an article that we published in July 2010 in which Dave Rittenhouse reflected on his two-year experience as acting national director for Zimbabwe? In that article we asked you to please pray for the arrival of the new national director. The time has come for us to introduce her to you ...

Meet Caroline Machiri. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration and a background in corporate training. Her passion is to preach and teach the word of God. She is married to Pastor Ernest Machiri and they have two teenage children. Here are a few of her thoughts ...

What is your personal 'philosophy'?

I want people to be different for having met me. I want a place to be different for my having been there. I want to leave a legacy and be able to say that my input changed peoples' lives.

What excites you about TWR?

Radio really reaches people who would otherwise be unreachable.

What are your immediate priorities?

Create awareness, grow the ministry, get the support of the local church, and raise local funding.

What drives you in ministry?

I believe as Christians we have to be the salt of the earth. Salt melts ice, seasons food, creates thirst, cleanses and prevents rotting.

Caroline says, "The most important thing is for me to serve God in a capacity that He has called me to serve in, and to be effective in the area He has called me to serve." For Caroline, this means "giving Jesus to people."

Pray for TWR-Zimbabwe as they embark under the dynamic new leadership of Caroline Machiri.

Published: 28 September 2010