Promoting Entrepreneurship in Africa

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 "If only someone could teach me how to start a business, I would be able to provide for my family." I wonder how many people in Africa have made this statement. Perhaps many of the 265 million people who are going without a meal today - not by choice but by necessity. These people are part of the one billion worldwide who are dying of hunger, a reality which kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.1

For many, the problem of poverty lies in a lack of knowledge. How many of those 265 million people could start a business in the next year if someone took the time to teach them the basic principles of entrepreneurship? How many of them would be empowered if they were given the tools they need to identify their abilities, develop their skills and start a business? South Africa's labour minister says, "What we need are the tools. The brains we have. Our people are losing hope and unless we put them at the centre of our policies, their hopes of a better life remain a dream."2

TWR has considered all this and determined that radio can play an integral part in teaching people how to become entrepreneurs. The content can be expert-designed and widely distributed. While there are many entrepreneurship initiatives in Africa, The Entrepreneur will be the first radio programme offered to all of TWR's African audience. Anyone with a radio will be able to tune in, listen and learn.

The plan is to put together 26 thirty-minute programmes (airing one per week) to address topics related to planning and starting a business, such as:

  • Self-evaluation/knowing yourself
  • Reasons for wanting to become an entrepreneur
  • Developing a business idea
  • Writing a business plan
  • Finance/start-up money
  • Practical business steps
  • Marketing
  • Savings and Investment

Each programme will be based on biblical principles, promoting Christ-centred business ethics. Therefore those tuning-in to get the tools will hear the gospel too. So not only will people be equipped, but God-willing, they will find salvation in Christ as well. Winfred Oppong-Amoako, TWR's Health, Children and Youth director says, "In the end, when people are self-sufficient, they will be able to support the local church and actively pursue the Great Commission."

Your donation of R20, R50, R100 or more can help us bring this message of hope to people who desperately need to hear it.


Published: 28 September 2010