Cape Town 2010

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Cape Town 2010, The Third Congress on World Evangelization, is taking place from 16 to 25 October 2010. 4000 participants from over 190 countries will gather to discuss the critical issues of our time. A network of radio ministries, including TWR-Africa and TWR-South Africa, is making sure that through radio, this Congress' impact gets felt on the ground in Africa as far and wide as possible.

We interviewed Rudolf Kabutz from TWR-South Africa to find out more about this project. This is what we discovered ...

What this project isn't

This project isn't about reporting the Cape Town 2010 event. Rather, it's about transferring the event into the hearts and minds of church leaders in Africa so that they can apply the event's findings in their church work and mission work context.

Where the project is at

We've rounded off the first phase where we produced and broadcast a number of programmes which touched on some of the issues, such as unreached people groups. The next step involves programming at the conference itself. As media agencies, we want to grapple with the issues and communicate these issues to the people. We want to take the big, challenging concepts of the conference and translate them into something that is going to have major impact on the ground.

Broadening the impact

The participants attending the Congress will be like yeast. Afterwards, they will mix into the dough of their particular contexts, seeking to raise the church to navigate the critical issues of our time. Realistically though, 4000 participants can only do so much. Their work could have a much wider impact and continuity when they engage the media purposefully in what they're doing. Hence, we plan for the Congress to be a platform from which many initiatives will launch in partnership with the local church.

Strengthening the media network

This event has created a unique opportunity for Christian media in Africa to bond together and grow closer. We hope that after the Congress, this new collaboration will continue to develop into a strong network, gathered for the common cause of reaching the world for Christ.

You can connect to the conversation on these global issues through the internet at: {}

Pray that TWR can be more than a vehicle or tool in this Congress. Pray that it will be a prominent pillar which translates Cape Town 2010 outcomes into reality long into the future.

Published: 14 October 2010