Featured Programme: Witness at the Water (Shona)

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We were standing on the street watching the school kids walk past. Some were excited to see us, others were wary. One little boy turned around and walked backwards towards us, peeking over his shoulder every now and then.

Three other boys, two clad in bright red shirts, another in a green school blazer, did a sprint race down the road for us. The result was too close to call. A young girl walked past, barefoot, with a little pink backpack strung over her shoulders.

As we spent time with these children, we wondered to ourselves, who will help them navigate the treacherous terrain into adulthood?

A few days later, we went into the TWR studios. More children stared at us, eyes wide with curiosity. Some smiled, others were unsure. We were excited about this group of children. They were the ones we had chosen to lead their friends into the future. All over Zimbabwe, in all the nooks and crannies, little ears would be listening to them dramatise stories in a radio series called, Witness at the Water.

The stories are uniquely designed to teach children how to live in a difficult and demanding world. In the drama, the children go down to the water and talk with Gogo (Grandma). They bring an assortment of questions (as children often do) and she shares God's wisdom with them. They leave, equipped to face their situation.

This project falls under an initiative called Project Samuel. Remember Samuel? Hannah's son? He lived a couple of millennia ago. One day as Samuel was falling asleep he heard a voice call out to him, "Samuel!" It happened three times and each time he went to Eli, thinking that Eli was calling him. On the third time, Eli realised what was happening, and told Samuel to return to his bed to say, "Speak, for your servant is listening."1

We hope that through this project, children will hear the Word of God speaking directly into their particular situations. We pray they would respond, changing their lives, and those around them for eternity.

1. See 1 Samuel 3.
Published: 12 November 2010