Epic Story: A Spiritual Parent

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Sometimes, when people give their testimonies they say, "I have a very boring testimony. I grew up in a Christian home." Yet, people who say this should consider that out of a world population of almost seven billion, only two billion are considered Christian, and who knows how many of them believe in Jesus as their saviour? So, a person born into a Christian home should be aware of the miraculous, gracious and sovereign work of God in placing them there (consider for example Acts 17:26).

Thabiti1 lives in Kenya, and he wasn't born into a Christian home. His testimony begins, "I have escaped the wrath of my aunt who wanted to recruit me in her devil worship." Imagine what Thabiti would give to have been born into a solid Christian home? His testimony would probably use the word "spectacular" instead of the word "boring." Nevertheless, one thing we can be sure of is that God knows what He's doing and He has a plan and a purpose for everyone, right where they are).

Thankfully, Thabiti's story doesn't end there. The light shined in when the TWR broadcast breezed in. He reports happily that he follows the teaching of our programmes faithfully. Thabiti is living on the street, unemployed, hiding from his aunt, but he has a friend in Jesus. He also has TWR making sure he gets all the information he needs about His Lord so that he can grow from being a caterpillar into a butterfly through the cocoon of his circumstances by the power of God's Spirit.

Thabiti goes on to tell us at TWR, "I have chosen you to be my spiritual parent because now I have no one to turn to for any kind of assistance ... " How often we take for granted that we can pick up the phone and say, "Dad, I have a question ... " or "Pastor, can you help me ... " Through our broadcasts, Thabiti will be encouraged to join a church and get plugged into a faith community so he can live in the family of God. In the meantime, we're walking this journey with him.

Thabiti ends his letter, "I have suffered and have a lot of pain in my heart. Bless you beyond human thoughts." We're grateful that Thabiti decided to write in and let us know what's on his mind. It reminds us that tonight, on a street in Kenya, a young boy is going to be listening to the gospel and learning about his Lord. It reminds us that our signal can get there when a person can't.

Pray for Thabiti and the broadcasts that go into Kenya. Ask God to work in a mighty way among the youth living on the streets.

1. Not his real name.

Published: 17 November 2010