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The great prophet Isaiah gave this powerful word from God in chapter 55 verse 9 of his book, "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." (ESV) This verse reminds us that God's way of doing things can often confound us, but it is perfect and right in every way.

Best Laid Plans

We had planned to create a Wolof version of the programme Thru the Bible (TTB) for the Senegalese audience. Wolof is the most popular language in Senegal. We had simultaneously planned to send a Wolof version of the book, Your Quest for God (YQFG) to be used as a follow-up tool in conjunction with the programme. However, by the time the book was completed, the programme was no longer viable. Nevertheless, God had a purpose in that. The books would still go to the shores of Senegal.

Getting YQFG to Senegal

Flora Rittenhouse, from TWR-Africa, recounts the story of YQFG's journey to Senegal:
"The Wolof books had an incredible journey, successful because of much prayer. The Wolof transcript arrived in the TWR Johannesburg office from the translator in Senegal for layout in mid-2009. After design, layout and editing (which in itself was a challenge as the designer had never seen the language before) the transcript was sent to be printed in China. Once printed, the books were packed and shipped to begin their long journey to West Africa on 1 December 2009. Travelling by ship, the books arrived in Dubai (on the Arabian Peninsula) and then were transferred to another ship which would carry them around Africa to Senegal.

"The pastor in Senegal who would receive the book shipment told us that a 'great conference to mobilise people reaching the Wolof people for Christ' would be held on 29 March 2010. So we prayed for the books to arrive at the port in Dakar, Senegal in time for the conference. The date was missed by only a few days.

"But the books were talked about at the conference, exciting the pastors and Christian leaders about this evangelism tool. Later, when they arrived, many were given to the pastors for distribution."

YQGF Goes to Prison

Abdoulaye Sangho, TWR West-Africa Area Director, then recounts the story of YQFG's journey into a Senegalese prison:

"A pastor in Senegal, Pastor Aziz, visits the prison of Djourbel regularly. The prison is located 100 km from the capital city of Dakar. He gave a book to a prisoner who has been incarcerated for many years and was now kept in solitary confinement after escaping from the prison twice. He was a high ranking member of an extremist and militant religious movement. He never cut his hair and he dressed in the particular way of his extremist group. He was called by the name used to describe people who dedicate their lives to this religion and follow their religious leader.

"Isolated in his cell, he read the Your Quest for God book and gave his life to Jesus! He immediately requested a haircut and new clothes. Now he participates in the prison church as an active member. Praise the Lord!

"Seeing the transformation in his life the prison guards requested copies of the book for themselves. The Lord is doing great things among the prisoners and their guards in this prison of Senegal."

YQFG become GQFY

For this prisoner, Your Quest for God became God's Quest for You. From Africa to China to Dubai to Senegal, God sought out a man in a prison in Senegal because of His great love for the world. Abdoulaye reminds TWR employees and partners, "You never know what kind of impact you can have in these remote areas!" Pray for Senegal and pray that this small shipment of books would have a big, multiplying impact on Wolof-speakers in Senegal. Also pray that we will be able to get some programmes on the air soon to reach many more with the Good News.

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Published: 19 November 2010