A Wider Vision - The Maputo FM Repeater Station

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Radio Capital in Mozambique currently reaches two million people with the gospel. The planned FM repeater station will increase TWR's reach by an estimated 430,000 people.

Radio Trans Mundial (RTM) Mozambique produces 20 programmes in seven languages. These programmes are broadcast from Radio Capital in Maputo, as well as on community radio stations in Vilankulu, Homoine, Nampula, Sussundenga, Xai-Xai, Mocuba, and also Radio Pax Beira. Although the signal is good in Maputo, in many outlying areas it is not clear enough.

People in the rural areas of the country are in need of the gospel. In response to this need TWR plans to erect an FM station in the village of Manhiça, north of Maputo. The repeater will receive the transmission from Maputo and rebroadcast it on another frequency, extending the station's coverage into the Limpopo flood plains.

Almost three-quarters of Mozambique's population are under the age of 30. Many of them face seemingly insurmountable obstacles such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse and broken families. Although these people need help with their physical problems, it is also important that they receive daily Bible teaching and messages of hope for their future.

Many indigenous churches sprang up during and after the civil war but the majority of these are led by men and women with little or no education and theological training. The repeater station will enable them to listen to teaching and discipleship programmes.

The literacy rate in Mozambique is 63.5% for men and just 32.7% for women. Radio and television are therefore the most popular and most effective forms of communication for Mozambicans. Being able to listen to TWR via the repeater station could change listeners' lives.

We are currently raising funds for this project and hope to erect the transmitter in 2010. Your contribution of R20, R50, R100, R200 or more will help us reach more people in Mozambique with the gospel.