Choosing Jesus is Choosing Life

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People make life and death choices every day, sometimes without even realising which choice they have made. Unfortunately many people base their decisions on what the world has to offer and do not consider God's plan for their lives.

Young women entering university for the first time are suddenly faced with decisions they may never have needed to think about before, and are also surrounded by influences that are not always positive. TWR South Africa plans to produce a programme, Choosing Life, to equip and guide these young women in their life choices.

Choosing Life will be a magazine-style programme that includes music, drama and discussion to convey biblical truths about issues facing young women today. Each episode will deal with life (God) and death (sin) choices and the gift of God's grace.

Choosing life is about a series of choices: choosing honesty, grace, forgiveness, truth, surrender, empowerment, community, worship, intimacy and availability. These aim to point people to Jesus and to have a life-giving relationship with God.

We are created in God's image. The truest part of us is a reflection of who He is.

The programme will use a short drama that follows the journey of two friends in their first year of university. Each episode will show the characters in situations where they are forced to make a choice and what the consequence of that choice could be.

Choosing Life is for young women between the ages of 18 and 24 who are living in South Africa. We hope to begin broadcasting in February 2010.