Interns for Africa, Again!

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God called five college students from across the USA in five different areas of study to serve Him overseas in the media ministry of TWR Africa. All of the students are in Africa for the first time learning a lot about the organisation they discovered only about a year ago. Read on and learn what Alyssa, Ashley, Brittany, Beth and Alena have to say about their internship.

Looking Behind
Alyssa Borgerson, who is preparing a website for TWR's Project Hannah Africa shares, "I found out about TWR through missions week at Moody Bible Institute. They shared at a seminar and I thought it was cool. So I applied and got accepted."

"The internship description in the brochure seemed interesting," says Ashley Hable from the USA state of Pennsylvania. "When I learned what I would be doing specifically, I realised that this was the chance to see if non-profit video production really was what I wanted to do." When asked about her motivation in joining TWR, Beth Pearson, a broadcasting intern, answered, "I wanted a new experience in a new country and it was a way to use something I'm passionate about for the kingdom of God."

Looking Down
The interns are settling into life in a new country and also into life at the TWR Africa Regional Office. Alena Naff, a graduate student at Liberty University explains, "It's fun being part of an organisation and being a part of something professional, but also having the other interns so we can have fun while we work too." Beth enjoys how, "work is a place of fellowship. Anything that happens here can be related back to God."

Looking Ahead
As the interns spend their summer at TWR Africa, God is revealing to them what their future might hold."On a personal level," says Alena, "I'm seeing that not everyone is called to be a missionary. My job is the job I've been trained for. I always believed my skills could be used for the Lord, but it's good to see it in action. It's reassuring me of God's leading in my life."

Alyssa expresses, "This internship is getting me to think a lot more specifically about what I want to do. I think by the end I'll know whether I want to do web design or graphic design in my future.""To be a missionary, you can use the skills you have and use them for God," Brittany realises.

Looking Up
As they spend time here and learn what TWR is doing, they enjoy seeing the fruit of their work."I knew radio reached a lot of people, but once I got here I was amazed at how vast an area TWR is reaching-most of Africa. And that's just at this office, not all of TWR." Alyssa reflects.

"In this job you may not always know all the impact, but you know there is an impact and it has encouraged me to know there are impacting careers out there," shares Beth as she makes plans for her future.

With a little over one month left, the interns would appreciate prayer for the duration of their time here. If you are interested in what the interns are doing, and you're not yet sure where God is leading you, why not consider TWR's internship opportunities?

Published: 28 July 2011