TWR Waters Northern Kenya with the Gospel

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There are so many rivers, parched and thirsty; so many water cans, without a drop of water inside. There are so many gaping mouths and empty stomachs, and very little food for each of them. There are so many expectations, and so little with which to meet them.

For Marsabit County and many parts of Northern Kenya, rain means everything. It means peace between communities and security for residents. It means people can go to church. It means children can go to school to learn, not for food. It means people can listen to radio. It means we can proclaim the love of Jesus Christ.

Over seven million people in the Horn of Africa are in dire need of food, water and supplements to cure malnutrition at present. Of these, over 481,000 are residents of Marsabit County and Garissa District, the home of two TWR K Sifa stations.

Relief rations in little quantities often come too late in the day, causing extreme suffering and sometimes death. One of the most difficult things to do is reaching out to a hungry person with the gospel. It is hard to face a frail grandmother holding her malnourished grandchild and tell her God cares. Asking a mother to breastfeed her child, drink clean water, take care of forests and stop cattle raids in the face of hunger is almost inhuman.

It calls for prayer, for rain and all that accompanies it. It also calls for urgent action to save hungry, weak children and women, lost energy in the men and youth and to restore human dignity. {Will you be part of it}?

Published: 28 July 2011