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In the wake of unrest and riots in recent years, Kenyans face uncertainty on every side. This reality is leading many to seek answers and solutions to the problems surrounding them. Radio is the most widely used communication tool in Kenya. A substantial number of Kenyans have access to radio, their primary source of media information and entertainment.

TWR-Africa has long hoped for a network of radio stations reaching listeners throughout Kenya. This has been made possible through the acquisition of seven frequencies for FM broadcasting. The seven frequencies, in outlying areas of Kenya, include several remote towns in the northern and eastern parts of the country where no Christian broadcasting currently takes place. Some of these towns are home to refugees who have fled from war-torn parts of East Africa including Somalia. Many have experienced extreme hardship. Through FM radio, TWR is extending ministry in Kenya.

Known on the air as "Sifa," which means "praise" in Swahili, TWR-Kenya's network produces more than 35 different programs, with over 60 hours of programming aired weekly. About 133 programs are dispatched on CD each week to FM stations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eastern Congo, and to the TWR-Africa Regional Office in South Africa for broadcast on shortwave to East Africa.

"The programs bring relevant, practical information to an audience of well over one million people within reach of the new FM stations," says one of TWR-Kenya's staff. New programs are being aired in local languages aimed at addressing the needs of the community and culture.

Please prayerfully consider a contribution of R100 toward this project to reach the people of Kenya with God's Word.

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Published: 28 July 2011