An Everyday Hero

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Some of you will notice that we send out a few letters every year giving you the opportunity to partner with us on various projects. One of our beloved listeners in South Africa received one of these letters recently and wrote this encouraging note back to us:

"Thank you very much for your letter to me. I cannot thank the Lord enough for the ministry of TWR, whereby [multitudes] of different nationalities and tribes are reached with the Word of God! Yes, may the Lord bring many of the Swahili speaking people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to Himself this year, and grant them purpose for their lives and the assurance of salvation and eternal life.

"I have also been touched by the care extended to hurting women and children all over the world through the ministry of Project Hannah and the programme, Women of Hope. Here, too, the Lord has used TWR to 'bring people out of darkness into His marvelous light.'

"I try to listen regularly to TWR in the evenings with all its very instructive teachings. So many times the Lord has spoken to my heart through something I was able to hear. My favourite teacher is Dr. McGee. Here I realize again and again how little I know and how much I still have to learn. He really makes the Word of God become practical and alive. He exposes sin and all the wrong teachings and practices in the Church today. I have to admit that I learn so much more from TWR than in my own church.

"May the Lord Jesus keep His hand of ownership upon TWR."

It really excites us to get letters like this! Did you know that an organisation like TWR would be dead in the water if it was not for the everyday heroes like this, who join hands with us through prayer and financial support to make what we're doing possible? Well, believe it because it's true! You can be one of the everyday heroes.

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Published: 28 July 2011