A Year of Transforming Lives

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Awesome things can happen in a year.

For instance, take the camera of your mind and look with me at the photo of a new born baby. Now compare that photo with the same child at their first birthday celebration. The physical changes are astounding, adding to this their awareness of their surroundings; interaction with their world; and developing communication skills and you have the miracle of growth.

Now let me hand you a photo of a radio station in a very remote part in northern Kenya near the border with Sudan and Uganda. The photo taken one year ago depicts the birthing of a new Christian radio station - Maata Radio 101.9 FM, Lodwar, Kenya.

Today, one year later, the picture in Lodwar is of a miracle of growth. The astounding physical changes from a place known for physical and spiritual poverty, illiteracy, ancestor worship and a deep need and hunger for the word of God is a change of beauty.

At a nearby shopping centre, Fundi Esurut's shoe repair workshop has become a Maata Radio listener's gathering spot, most of them men aged between 15 and 40 years.

Their favourite is the Maata Radio Breakfast Show and the evening Turkana Show, Edong'a, because listeners say, "We can call-in and have our views broadcast, and the station highlights matters of interest to us."

Kebo, a listener from Napetet Village says Maata Radio addresses people's needs and aspirations and allows listeners to participate in discussions. This has opened up people's minds to think about development.

Maata Radio is different from other local stations. It is wholistic. It shares the good news of salvation, but also seeks to transform lives, to empower and change people's attitude through social development programmes.

Chris from Kangatosa village, 55 km away, says Maata Radio has triggered business growth, "It challenges people to think outside the box and tells them about available opportunities and services."

There is a new trend in Lodwar and people are taking bold steps. Women are venturing into business. Men are undertaking bigger businesses in contrast to hawking and retail kiosks. This indicates the community will soon discover and utilize their full potential.

Lodwar is prone to conflict over natural resources and peace is a central theme on Maata Radio programmes. The station broadcasts elements of peace building, conflict resolution and reconciliation regularly to create community.

Praise God with us for the development of the Lodwar station. Pray that the next year will see God's continued blessing upon the TWR-Kenya FM ministry. To get involved in the TWR-Kenya FM outreach, go to http://www.twrafrica.org.

*Article taken from the TWR-Kenya Radio News Magazine, Vol 7, June 2011, page 3.

Published: 31 August 2011