God's Free Gift in the World's Most Expensive City

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What would you guess to be the world's most expensive city to move to and reside? London - New York City - Singapore - Tokyo?

If your choice is one of the above, you are incorrect. In fact, the city to live in that will make you dig the deepest into your bank account is a city in Africa. Does that surprise you?

The Mercer web site gives the 2011 cost of living survey results siting, "Luanda in Angola is the world's most expensive city ... !"1

In this city of outrageous prices, Bibiana2 has found the free gift of acceptance, friendship and love from women of TWR's Project Hannah. She found women who prayed and cared for her through a living nightmare experience. She found women who gave her a 'cup of cold water in Jesus name.'

Just over two years ago Bibiana was living a normal, happy life as a cashier at a local bank in Luanada. But in one fateful day, her life was turned upside down. Bibiana, accused of 'abuse of trust', was thrown into jail! Bibiana explains.

"One day, when I was not at work, someone, pretending to be me, used my password and transferred millions of US dollars from a particular account." And that was it; Bibiana's routine life was over.

During her two years in jail, Bibiana found life very frustrating. "I was being held without a hearing! During the investigation I told them I was innocent of that crime because that day I was not in the bank."

Finally, at the end of last year her case came before a judge. She says, "The sisters of Project Hannah were present in the hearing. This year I had two more hearings and the women assured me that God would bring justice and that they were praying for me while the hearings took place."

On the 9th of March the court declared Bibiana innocent of all charges! She now declares, "God is good! He loves me! He does justice to the downtrodden!"

Bibiana left her personal storage chest with one of the inmates, now a Project Hannah leader in the prison, with the words, "I promise to come once a week to bring food to my sisters who are still here in prison."

Watch for the new Project Hannah Africa web site coming soon at www.phafrica.org.

1. Mercer LLC web site,http://www.mercer.com/articles/1095320
2. Name changed for security purposes

Published: 31 August 2011