A New Source of Hope for Women in Africa

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"I am 14 years old, pregnant, and scared. I am lonely."
"I need a friend. How do I forgive the person that hurt me?"
"I can't cope with life! No one understands my suffering and pain."
"Where Does God Live?"
"What do I do when my child has a fever?"
"My husband gets drunk and abuses the family. What can I do?"
"My baby died. How can I live with the hurt?"

Africa is filled with hurting women looking for hope. Africa also contains women ready to come alongside their sisters in need to bring friendship, care, prayer and HOPE. This is Project Hannah in action. TWR is providing a new tool to expand the outreach of Project Hannah - a web site devoted to women in Africa: www.phafrica.org

Project Hannah Africa, the women's ministry arm of Trans World Radio, has already made inroads into picking up the pieces of women's lives that have been broken by circumstances surrounding them. Through prayer groups and radio programmes in over a dozen African countries God's love is impacting the continent.

In June 2001, Project Hannah Africa began with a group of women in Angola gathering together to pray for sisters around the world in need of hope. Today, Project Hannah Africa covers more than a dozen countries with another twelve African countries requesting the ministry.

Project Hannah's purpose is:

  • to raise awareness and empathy for the plight of women worldwide.
  • to pray for women who are being abused emotionally, physically or spiritually.
  • to broadcast the gospel of Jesus Christ to women around the world, encouraging them to:
    • experience God's love, freedom and power as they face life's daily challenges.
    • embrace their God-given destiny and glorious inheritance in Christ Jesus, whatever their cultural, social or economic situation
    • pass on to their children a legacy of faith, wisdom and godly character.

The three pillars that support Project Hannah's ministry of compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide are prayer, awareness and radio programming:

The new web site offers an opportunity to:

  • read stories of women in Africa who have been touched by Project Hannah
  • listen to Women of Hope radio programmes
  • tell us your own story
  • give to projects that bring hope to women in Africa
  • pray for women around the world

Log on to the new web site just for women in Africa and give us your input. www.phafrica.org.

Published: 21 October 2011