Burundi: Radio Sunday Shows Listeners Want More

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For many years Trans World Radio has held Radio Sunday rallies across the continent. These provide opportunities to create awareness of TWR's ministry amongst communities. Interaction between producers and listeners at these events is crucial to the ongoing development of programmes that are relevant and effective in reaching communities for Jesus Christ.

The task of reaching the remote villages in the foothills of Burundi is a dangerous undertaking. Traveling to these provinces can be dangerous as there is always the risk of being caught in the middle of fighting between government and rebel troops.

The last weekend of June saw the staff of TWR-Burundi visit churches in the northern part of country, in the Ngozi and Kirundo provinces. The teams were well received by the churches with opportunities abounding to share about the ministry of Trans World Radio in Burundi. People responded with excitement. In Ngozi, three churches were visited. At one church, after presenting the mission and vision of Trans World Radio, the congregation immediately requested that they be allowed to pray for TWR. When asked how many people listen to TWR's programmes in the Kirundi and French languages, nearly the entire congregation raised their hands.

People excitedly shared testimonies of what God has done for them through the radio programmes. For many, the programmes held out the hope for peace and reconciliation in their country, a country that has been plagued by civil war for a decade.

After a time for testimonies, the Radio Sunday theme was preached with an emphasis on the fact that Jesus Cares for whoever calls on Him for help. At the end of the message, approximately 30 people renewed their commitment to Jesus Christ by confessing publicly. What a blessed meeting.

Meetings at other churches and in the Kirundo province saw similar responses from the people. At one church young children took the opportunity to meet the producer of their favorite children's programme, Jesus is the Answer. The children urged the producer to make time on his programme for them to share their testimonies. At this meeting more than 50 people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

At the end of the day, a tired but encouraged group of TWR producers and staff headed back to Bujumbura. What a time of blessing. Please remember to pray for TWR's ministry in Burundi as God is really doing wonders through the radio programme.

Published: 28 October 2003