Horn of Africa: TWR Reaching Out With Food Relief

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"For I was hungry and you didn't feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn't give me a drink. I was a stranger and you did not invite me to your home. I was naked and you didn't give me clothing. I was sick and in prison but you didn't visit me." Matthew 25:42.

Speaking of the desperate situation in the Horn of Africa, TWR Kenya's National Director, Bernice Gatere says, "This verse has been ringing in my head since the day our station Manager in Marsabit, northern Kenya told us our audiences were starving."1

People are dying and organisations around the worlds are scrambling to save lives. In Kenya, large areas of Rift Valley, the coastal region, eastern and north eastern Kenya have been affected. More than thirteen million people2 are facing possible starvation and we have all seen the horror on our TV screens, news web sites and in the press. TWR Kenya reports that they know of people eating wild roots, babies suckling from goats and even worse, a story of a baby seen breastfeeding from her long dead mother!

TWR-Kenya has FM stations in some of the most affected areas. These are Garissa in north eastern Kenya, Marsabit in eastern Kenya and Lodwar in northern Kenya. Garissa's FM station (SIFA 101.1) broadcasts in Swahili and Somali and covers approximately 15 km radius. Marsabit FM broadcasts to a radius of 100 km and has programmes in Swahili, and the local languages of Samburu and Borana. Lodwar FM has programming in Swahili and the local Turkana dialect, reaching a radius of 120 km.

Recently rallying behind the call "Kenyans for Kenya" to help feed the hungry and starving, TWR-Kenya was asked to identify villages that are hard hit by drought. They approached the Simaho Health Clinic who graciously helped by providing Uji Mix flour (special flour for porridge). In addition, with the help of dedicated friends of the ministry, TWR Kenya purchased 56 bags of maize, 10 bags of beans and 305 tins of cooking oil. They distributed the food to mothers with small babies, the very old and the sickly at Raya village, 10km outside Garissa.

TWR-Kenya will continue to raise support and send relief teams to the affected areas taking with them food and radios for people who desperately need both physical and spiritual food in that part of the continent. As a partner in the ministry you can help though your on-going prayer and/or financial support of this effort. If you are not a partner in the ministry please contact us. We would like to hear from you.

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Published: 21 October 2011