Angola: A Missionary Returns

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A church at Chikomo in Angola, which began as a result of TWR broadcasts from Swaziland back in 1979 is still going strong, with about 150 members. Rev. Isac Silvano, retired Area Director for Southern Africa, was at the time responsible for producing a programme called "Yeva Ondanka" in the Umbundu language of Southern Angola.

In September of this year he paid a visit to the area, and was asked to preach in that church, as part of his tour of various other churches that have been started through, or have benefitted from TWR broadcasts.

Isaac has prepared this programme for some 30 years and it is broadcast every evening. He reports that it has had a marked impact on the southern part of Angola.

Isaac was born in Angola; and fought as a soldier in the war of independence. He was wounded, and in hospital he came to know the Lord as his Saviour. He then became a pastor and later had to move to Brazil. From there he continued to produce the programme for several years, before moving to Swaziland, where he continued producing the programme for the next 20 years.

He transferred to the USA last year to be closer to his two daughters in Atlanta. . He continued producing the programme from there after turning one of the closets in his house into a recording studio.

Asked why he started producing this programme, he said that his country was involved in a civil war, and he believed that through radio, God could reach people where they were, and their lives could be changed for the better.

The Lord has honoured his faith, but Angola still needs much prayer. TWR now has recording studios in two of the major cities in Angola, and broadcasts 28 programmes in nine indigenous languages and Portuguese. "Pray that many lives will be changed, and many more churches started through these broadcasts" says Isaac.

Published: 21 October 2011