The Power of the Gospel in One's Hands

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Since March 2009, almost 2000 people in Mozambique's Inhambane Province have listened to the gospel through hand-held SABER MP3 players and can now listen to TWR even in areas where electricity is not available.

Inhambane Province, on the southern coast of Mozambique, is a popular tourist destination. However, most locals are unable to read or write and live in extreme poverty. Outside the town of Inhambane, many people live in rural conditions with little or no electricity and unreliable water supplies. Buying food rather than batteries is a higher priority for these people.

The SABER players have been distributed in 14 districts of the province. Xitshwa speakers from 42 listener groups joyfully received the players. They can now listen to programmes such as Thru the Bible without relying on electricity or batteries.

These players are not only used by individuals in their homes but have also made it possible for believers to share TWR's programmes with other people in their villages. In a culture that places value on community, listener groups are an excellent way to share the gospel with non-believers. One pastor says:

"I am a pastor of the Free Methodist Church here in Inhambane. I just want to thank you for your SABER machines that help us in our ministry. Every place we go we take our machines and play it for those who do not know our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so glad to report it for you. People get very interested when they listen to the machines. They like very much the way Pastor Bie teaches the Word of God. I do pray for you."

Praise God for this project that has enabled more people to hear the gospel.

Published: 19 November 2009