New Generator for TWR-Kenya

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TWR-Kenya's new generator is an answer to prayer. Months of intense drought have led to less water being availablefor hydro-electric power generation which has directly affected the ministry of TWR-Kenya. The new generator will provide back-up electricity during power cuts.

Kenya is prone to occasional energy shortages and the breakdown in the delivery of essential services such as electricity. In radio production, a reliable energy supply is necessary for programming and production to continue in a time-efficient manner. The previous generator began to develop mechanical problems in 2008 and could no longer be used as a back-up in the event of an energy blackout.

The absence of a working standby generator resulted in the loss of many working hours, and delays in the production and broadcasting of programmes. Kenya is still using an electrical rationing schedule of up to 36 hours per week. This has also directly affected TWR's FM stations across the country as well as the Nairobi office.

TWR-Kenya recently purchased a new 45KVA generator with funds raised through a network of donors contacted by TWR International. TWR-Kenya also received funds from a donor to purchase a smaller generator for the FM transmission site in Garissa. It is expected to arrive in the next few weeks.

These generators will enable TWR-Kenya's ministry to continue without interruptions from power cuts and will prevent the loss of valuable working time.

The 45KVA generator was dedicated on the 16th September 2009 by Pastors James Karichu and Geoffrey Munialo.