Truth for the amaZioni

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Truth for the amaZioni

amazioni wThe first sounds coming from the Trumpet of Zion radio programme were heard on Sunday, March 4, 2012 echoing across the hills of Swaziland and into the ears of siSwati-speaking people. The words from Pastor Sangweni's Bible teaching and the songs from the amaZioni church choir have brought the following responses: pastors wanting to attend ZBC (Zion Bible College) classes, personal Bible questions for the radio pastor, and curious amaZioni followers who question why "we have never heard an amaZioni teach the Bible like this."

But to fully understand the excitement and passion behind this accomplishment – a radio programme proclaiming the Gospel, like a Trumpet of Truth – we must look at the history of the amaZioni, the potential reach of the radio programme, and the provision God has already put into place.

AmaZioni means "the people of Zion." They are religious groups that trace their history back to an evangelist who came from Zion, Illinois. The Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa (ZEMA) is a mission organization working to teach and reinforce God's word among them. Until now, their nineteen Bible school classes across Swaziland have been their main point of contact with the amaZioni. Now with the additional tool of FM radio, they are looking to reach out even further to the thousands of adherents in Swaziland.

God has amazingly provided a laptop, editing software, and the recording equipment necessary for the Trumpet of Zion to be produced.  Please pray with the producers, who would like to be able to produce not just one episode a week, but five. They also dream of one day reaching further through TWR's existing medium wave transmitter, so that God's word may resound in the ears and hearts of the millions of amaZionis in southern Africa.

2013 UPDATE: We receive anywhere from three to five or more phone calls immediately following each broadcast. We also receive calls the following day. Most of the responses are from those interested in attending the Bible classes we offer for amaZioni pastors and church leaders. It is in these classes that these church leaders receive instruction from God's Word for the first time. They are then able to use the lesson notes to teach these same lessons to their congregations all around Swaziland. Thousands of amaZioni are receiving the truth of God's Word, not only over the radio, but also in the Bible classes we promote. Since we started broadcasting "Trumpet of Zion" we have seen a significant growth in most of our classes and lives are being changed for eternity.


God's Amazing Provision