TWR listeners in Côte d'Ivoire share how God has used broadcasts to transform lives

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TWR listeners in Côte d'Ivoire share how God has used broadcasts to transform lives

P122-M043wIt's no surprise that TWR programmes, based on God's Word which is more powerful than a double-edged sword, regularly receive overwhelming responses and testimonies about changed lives.

Every day, TWR listeners send grateful testimonies of praise about lives that have been transformed and healed as a result of them faithfully listening to radio programmes in their own language and region.

Testimonies from Ivorian listeners include reports of salvation, restored marriages, healed relationships and growth in their relationships with God and His Word, to name a few. The listeners are clearly hungry for more of the Word.

Christelle from Côte d'Ivoire wrote, "I am here in a mission field and that broadcast inspires me a lot in my messages."

Nathalie from Côte d'Ivoire shared, "A time ago I didn't spend any time with God and I didn't read the Bible. While listening to you, I began to cultivate moments with God...I sometimes read my Bible for hours and it brings me closer to God. I thank you for your messages that help us to advance with God."

An SMS from Côte d'Ivoire reads: "I appreciate your teachings a lot. I would like to learn more with you. You clearly explain the Scriptures so that all questions are answered as if you enter in my thoughts. I see that you speak truly about God."

Particularly inspiring are the testimonies about salvation. One anonymous listener wrote, "And the Holy Spirit convinced me and I gave my life to Jesus since last January. Thank you for your broadcast which has led me to Christ."

Divine from Côte d'Ivoire wrote to say, "You said: 'How are you going to personally respond to God's love?'...In answer to God's love for me, I decided to give him my life completely as he made it for me without reserve."

Another listener, Franck shared his exciting news, "I decided on your advice to give my life completely to the Lord Jesus. I made the repentance as you had told to me... I have a great joy. Thank you for this programme that drove me toward Jesus."

TWR programmes present critical life questions to listeners which have confronted many with the truth and facilitated a change in their life's direction. Some have found hope in hopeless circumstances, others have been convicted about where they were falling short of the glory of God, and for many the programmes have prompted them to seek peace with people they have wronged.

Jesus had in mind for us to bear much fruit, and the effect of TWR's broadcasts on Ivorian listeners reflects an abundance of the fruit He had in mind.



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