Grandma's Village Goes to Kenya

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World AIDS Day on 1 December aimed to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS and education on preventing the spread of the disease. However, for many young Africans, one day a year is not enough to get the message across.

TWR and Kerus Global Education are partnering to bring messages of abstinence, faithfulness and life skills development to a continent that is being ravaged by the disease. Kerus' It Takes Courage! youth curriculum is a multi-tiered educational strategy that is designed to permeate the community with messages that will reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other behaviourally-driven health problems.

From 2 December, 2009, SIFA FM began broadcasting Grandma's Village, the radio programme complementing It Takes Courage! from TWR-Kenya's FM station in Voi. The Voi station covers an area of approximately 200 kilometres, including Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya, and the tourist town of Malindi. The signal from Voi has also been heard as far away as northern Tanzania.

Grandma's Village is set in a fictitious rural African village. Grandma has been forced to raise two of her grandchildren whose parents died from AIDS. Grandma's faith is strong and she teaches her children to love their neighbours, stand strong and courageously do what is right.

Each episode of Grandma's Village deals with a different topic facing young people and children, such as forgiveness, peer pressure, and the consequences of one's choices. The programme's aim is to equip young people and children with the knowledge and courage to make the right decisions.

The 30-minute, 32-programme series is being aired three times a week in Swahili; including one original episode with two repeats. TWR and Kerus are currently formulating strategies that will utilize the It Takes Courage! curriculum as well as training that will dovetail with future airings. One of the goals is to equip 150 pastors and teachers to reach over 5,000 youth in areas of Kenya where HIV/AIDS prevalence is greatest.

Please pray that those who listen to Grandma's Village will be inspired to change their lifestyles and make a stand for what is right.