Patience & prayers rewarded as TWR Mozambique is granted FM Network license

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Patience & prayers rewarded as TWR Mozambique is granted FM Network license

P121-E032wAt times we don't see the fulfilment of the promises of God for our lives because it requires not only faith, but patient waiting to realise God's purposes for our lives.

It has taken many years of prayer and perseverance to see the realisation of a critical goal for TWR Mozambique: the granting of the first FM Christian network license for the whole of Mozambique.

It is only the beginning, but now that the gates have been opened to the Gospel in a new and significant way, the TWR team in Mozambique are working to raise funds for the on-going costs associated with such a massive endeavour. The team is currently preparing a business plan for the FM license project.


TWR's Technical Service Director, James Burnett is thrilled at this breakthrough, although it is only the beginning. "This is a massive undertaking and is going to take years to develop and execute. The plan is to find a Christian FM Network in the USA that could partner with TWR Mozambique by sending specialist teams in the coming years to work alongside them," says Burnett.

As a first step, TWR is expecting to cover the city of Mocuba with a strong FM signal. The ground falls away to the east of Mocuba and so it is hoped that the coverage to the east may reach as far as the coast (90km/58 miles away). This means that thousands of Lomwe people living in Northern Mozambique will for the first time, have access to the Word of God. In addition, the FM station will be much cheaper to operate than short wave broadcasts, making it easier for TWR to reach more people.

In the meantime, ample work is being done by the TWR Mozambique team as they move ahead with other projects that they have been planning to do. The first was to build a radio programme production centre to produce Christian radio programmes for the very, very needy part of northern Mozambique. This has been completed and the team are now upgrading the office and studio equipment and seeking to purchase a generator and UPS.


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