TWR Brings Good News to Burundi

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TWR Brings Good News to Burundi

P068-A158wTWR Burundi's "Good News for All" programme is making a significant impact despite limited staff and finances. The weekly 60-minute programme reaches hundreds of listeners, strengthening believers in their faith and boldly proclaiming the message of salvation.

TWR has received many testimonies of salvation and healing. A listener from the south of Burundi recently wrote to share his appreciation:

"Dear presenter of the Good News for All, I write to let you know how I was helped by your radio programme. I was strengthened by the teachings from those stories because I was going through some discouragement.

In fact, I began having a strong faith in God, believing that He would heal my eye; and God did heal me! Thank you very much for your work and may God supply you with enough strength to carry on with this work."

"Good News for All" has been on air since TWR launched its services in the East African nation in 1998. Reaching all corners of Burundi, even across the borders to neighbouring countries, its listeners include young and old, male and female.

During the last couple of months the programme has focused on Bible characters and Bible stories. The themes have been presented in a way that helps listeners identify with and apply Biblical truths to their own lives. This included programme segments on Exodus, which focuses on God's faithfulness in keeping His promises, and on David - showing his character as a model of how humility before the Lord can lead to greatness.

The programme has also covered specific challenges of modern day life such as the good management of resources, independence from the bondage of sin - inspired by the celebration of 50 years of independence from colonial rule, conserving the environment and helping traumatised people to know how to find healing and help.

TWR Burundi praises God for the fruit of its ministry and is requesting prayer in order to extend its reach.


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