I Blamed God!

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An Eritrean woman who lost everything in war shares how listening to TWR's radio broadcasts changed her life, and gave her peace and hope:

"The war between Eritrea and Ethiopia has caused great devastation, the loss of many lives and destruction of possessions. As a consequence, many families and individuals are left helpless and hopeless. Unfortunately I am one of the mothers who lost everything, including my family members.

Now I am 60 years old, left alone because of the devastating war we experienced that last 40 years. My husband joined the armed struggle for independence, leaving me with two young boys, and did not come back home. He gave his life as an offering for his own people. The goal was achieved and independence was gained. I, together with my sons, were comforted as his death was not in vain.

Ten years after, a minor border dispute between the two neighbouring countries led to war. Two of my sons were forced to join the army to defend their land and the sovereignty of the nation. The war lasted for two years and was more severe than the previous one, causing tremendous loss of material and lives.

Many mothers were bereft of their loved ones and became widows. My sons gave their lives to protect their land and their people. Everyone can imagine how difficult it is for a person to lose everyone and be left alone. I spent my days weeping, in total despair. Life was bitter for me. I blamed God for what had happened. Years passed before I came to know the way of life and comfort.

It was a friend who helped me to come out of the dark and horrible situation. Every evening she came to my house with a radio to make me listen. Eventually her plan worked. The words from the radio broadcast won my heart and changed my life. It was totally new and different for me. I found internal peace, hope and life out of it. Now, all the terrible things have gone away. Though what I lost was important, what I have now - that is the Lord Jesus Christ - is the most important.

The Bible teachings opened my eyes to see the Saviour and the Comforter. I am enlightened to understand the reason and purpose why I was placed here on the earth, and why all the unpleasant things happened to me. God has a purpose for every one of us and a way to work it out. He speaks a different language and invites us to be saved.

The merciful Lord has transferred me from darkness into light through the radio ministry you are running. You are reaching out and causing souls to know God and come to life. It is a great job being done through this ministry.

May God bless the ministry and the ministers as well."

Published: 11 December 2009