Increasing the Gospel’s Footprint through Satellite Dish Installations

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Increasing the Gospel's Footprint through Satellite Dish Installations

satellite wOn November 19, 2012, Rabiou and Honoré of TWR left the TWR radio station in West Africa and headed out. Their destination: Niamey, the capital and largest city of the West African country of Niger. They were on their way to install a satellite dish so that a local FM station in Niamey could receive and broadcast TWR's radio programmes in the region. The TWR programmes would supplement the station's limited resources and allow for hours of Bible teaching.

Describing the difficult conditions en route to Niger, Honoré said, "The journey took about 15 hours by bus with a lot of immigration protocol at the border. The temperature was around 38 degree Celsius." On their first day at the Radio Lumière local FM station in Naimey, Rabiou and Honoré trained the technicians on how to install the satellite dish and how to set up the digital satellite decoder receiver. The dish was installed on the roof of the building of the radio station.

 "Two months after this installation, we've heard that two programmes, 'Through the Bible' and 'Save a Generation' in French are highly appreciated by the audience in the city of Niamey," said Honoré. "The FM station manager of Radio Lumière is very pleased to receive these good Christian programmes in French for all the listeners straight from the TWR satellite service."

This TWR satellite radio service is an audio channel on satellite in the geo-stationary orbit high above the planet. It is a 24 hour channel in English, Swahili and French and covers most of Africa.

The installation of this satellite dish at Radio Lumière is a special victory for the Kingdom of God and TWR as over 90% of the Niger's population is Muslim.

This good news story is another example of where TWR's Africa vision of "Reaching the Unreached and Discipling Believers" is gaining ground. TWR's Africa Regional Office (ARO) has come up with a model that allows them to expand the organisation's vision across the continent and ensure that the Gospel is reaching people across airwaves in Africa. The Africa Regional Office team, based in Kempton Park, South Africa, raises funds for the installation of satellite decoders at partner radio stations in various African countries.

Once the funds are raised and a new satellite dish has been purchased, an appointed TWR team will travel to a local radio station and help with the installation of the dish whilst also training its technical staff members. In return the radio station that has received the new satellite installation will broadcast TWR Gospel programmes in local languages free of charge. This way, thousands of listeners who were previously prevented from hearing the Gospel due to living in war-torn and difficult political climates, or in regions that are hostile to the Gospel, are now reached on radio airwaves.


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