Transformational Leaders in Africa

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Transformational Leaders in Africa

P2002 01A 015wMany of Africa's problems can be attributed to a lack of Godly leadership and wisdom. Wise leaders trained in Biblical principles will bring about peaceful governance in nations previously ravaged by war. Biblical leaders will be able to lead and impact churches, ministries and societies through their roles. Well-equipped leaders are also able to equip others, and collaborate towards transforming communities.

TWR aims to use media to raise up and develop life-transforming leaders, so that these leaders can equip future generations to reach unreached peoples in Africa. By exploring the needs of present leaders, programmes can be crafted that help leaders to grow in their personal leadership capacity and in practical leadership skills. The media helps leaders to widen their horizon and to improve their ability to anticipate the future.

Tools for Wise Leadership is a 15-minute programme that draws leadership principles from Scripture. It is aired once a week by TWR across sub-Sahara Africa. Through the programme, TWR meets the needs of young people and adults who are already in leadership positions or aspire to be transformational leaders.

 The programme provides management teaching for professional and aspiring leaders and equips anyone in leadership with strong biblical leadership skills. It is broadcast on FM, AM and short wave radio as well as over satellite and the internet.

In addition to equipping Christian leaders, the programme helps people to be successful in life, to have an impact in their communities, and to develop their unique leadership styles.

After nearly a decade of broadcasts, Tools for Wise Leadership is still transforming leaders in Africa. Here is what some of the listeners wrote to tell us:

A listener from Ghana wrote: "I was introduced to this programme by a friend who listeners to TWR. My friend is a leader and l have always admired the way he leads and his encouragement to those he leads. After talking to him, appreciating every word he shared, he told me of this programme. I started listening to this programme and found great treasure in it. Thank you for equipping me as a leader. I have encouraged leaders at my church to listen to this programme and l am happy that we share what we learn from this programme when we meet together..."

A listener from Zambia wrote: "I would like to thank God for allowing me to know and listen to your programme. My prayer is for God to continue supporting radio programmes like these. I always enjoy listening to your teachings and benefit so much spiritually. This programme has developed me and is continuing to develop me into a good leader..."


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