Q&A with TWR-Burundi's Egide Bandyatuyaga

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What do you do at TWR?

I joined TWR in October 2007. As National Director of TWR-Burundi, I coordinate the ministry activities and oversee production and administration.

What is your vision for TWR-Burundi?

I want TWR to be the best Christian media in Burundi, reaching every person in the country and across the borders: Rwanda to the north, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, and Tanzania to the east.

What are the needs of TWR-Burundi?

We need to become effective in producing programmes that touch the heart in every area of life. We also need human resources: well-trained people who are devoted, who know and believe in the idea of serving through radio. Our current staff members are from a variety of different fields and need to be trained properly. Most training is currently offered in English, and as Burundi is a French-speaking country, many staff members cannot benefit. Our computers and studio equipment are also old and in need of upgrades.

Finances are also a big need for us. Burundi experienced a decade-long civil war and the economy has been badly affected. We are in need of support to cover our daily costs and staff salaries.

Tell us a bit about the programmes that are broadcast.

The majority of our programmes are in Kirundi. We also have a French programme and Kiswahili programme. We plan to extend our reach to neighbouring countries by including more French and Kiswahili programmes. The Good News for All, which is our longest-running programme, is very popular. The Kirundi Thru the Bible receives the most feedback from listeners.

Let Us Be Reconciled With Everybody is for people who were displaced by the war and encourages them to reconcile with their neighbours.

How can people pray for TWR-Burundi?

Pray that we will be effective in all that we do. We always ask: Are we doing this the right way? Are we touching people? You can also pray that God will provide us with people who are well-trained, and that He will meet our financial needs.

What have been some of the highlights of your time with TWR?

The staff was very welcoming when I joined and gave me informal training along the way. I have enjoyed getting to know each staff member on a personal level. Being able to visit some of the regions we broadcast to has given me insight into the impact TWR's ministry has made in people's lives.

Pastor Egide Bandyatuyaga and his wife have two daughters, Elsie, 3, and Keziah, 1. His wife is a primary school teacher. Both he and his wife are actively involved in their local church, where he also serves as assistant pastor. Egide will be supporting his favourite team, France, in the 2010 World Cup.

Published: 11 december 2009