Speaking Hope to Somalia

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Christian Somalis do not have an easy life. They face severe persecution and churches have been driven underground. Many Christians have fled to neighbouring countries in order to practice their faith freely. TWR's programmes are often the only source of hope for Christian Somalis.

Although the entire Bible is available in the Somali language, the country's literacy rate is about 38%. Radio broadcasts and audio messages are therefore the most effective way of communicating the gospel to Somalis.

Thru the Bible is a 30-minute weekday Bible study that covers the entire Bible in five years. Created by Dr. J. Vernon McGee, it alternates between the Old and New Testament. Thru the Bible is currently aired in over 200 countries worldwide.

In Somalia, Thru the Bible is broadcast on short wave in the Somali language from Monday to Friday. A recent local survey suggests that the Somali Thru the Bible is the most popular radio programme among Somalis.

The civil war in Somalia has destroyed many families and forced thousands of people into refugee camps within Somalia and in neighbouring countries such as Kenya. Over one million people are estimated to be living in refugee camps.

One listener writes, "I felt as though I have been beset by difficult times since the war broke out in 2006. I was in Mogadishu, but fled to [another place*]. The story that has befallen my family is unbelievably shocking. I am still tuning into your station when I have time, and receive comfort and courage. Thank you for your concern and love."

Another listener says, "I have been away from Somalia because of the disturbances and the insecurity. It has been very difficult for me to live. However I found the radio signal and it is very clear here."

Thru the Bible has been broadcast in Somalia since 2001 and is currently on its second round of the Bible study. The response to the programme has been great, especially in the Somali Land region, Southern and Central Somalia, the Ogaden region and the North-Eastern part of Kenya.

Praise God that Christian Somalis have been able to find encouragement in TWR and Thru the Bible. Pray that this radio programme will continue to touch lives and teach God's Word.

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* Details have been omitted for security reasons.