Zimbabwe: Where Grace and Courage Meet

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"2008 was the worst year we can remember in Zimbabwe," is the cry of most Zimbabweans. They want to forget the past and focus on the future; the worst of the problems of 2008 have diminished. Most feel the worst is behind them, though life remains tough for many.

TWR broadcasts 13 essential programmes that provide intense issues with practical answers based on spiritual principles. These programmes, between 15 and 30 minutes each, are aired in African English, Shona and Ndebele. A few are broadcast daily while others are aired once a week.

The Honey that Kills raises awareness of factors that facilitate the spread of HIV/AIDS while empowering people to respond to the consequences of the disease. Impilo Egcweleyo is an Ndebele programme that promotes abstinence for single people and faithfulness for married couples. In addressing AIDS-related issues, it advocates for compassion to be shown to those living with the virus and preaches hope in Jesus Christ.

Radio Bible seeks to impart a culture of reading and interpreting the Word of God. It benefits the illiterate, those with impaired vision and those who are completely blind. Tools for Wise Leadership is designed to equip leaders with quality leadership principles based on Jesus.

Nguva Yevana Vadiki is a Shona programme for primary school children that teaches them to take responsibility of their personal hygiene and health. Rumutsurudzo is a Shona programme that brings revival and encouragement to listeners as they seek to worship the Lord.

Some programmes address the life challenges and choices faced by teens and young adults, while others focus specifically on the risks faced by women.

These programmes are aired with partial or no financial sponsorship and are at risk of being taken off the air, yet it is vital that they continue to be broadcast. They are designed to deal with pressing life and death issues. TWR is the primary provider of Christian broadcasting for Zimbabwe.

We invite you to consider becoming involved in this project through prayer or financial support. Your once-off or ongoing gift of R50, R100, R200 or more, will help us bring these indispensable programmes to the people of Zimbabwe.