A Canadian with an African Story

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Africa is not new to Shannon Irwin, who hails from Canada. Representing the TWR-Canada office, Shannon who is on a six month multi-country stay in Africa has found joy in serving and observing several TWR national offices.

Having spent extensive time in Uganda previously, Shannon rekindled her love with the people and culture in Uganda before spending time with staff in Kenya, Burundi, Swaziland and now South Africa.

While in Kenya, Shannon visited a children's center for kids affected by crime. The founder, a former 'notorious' criminal, spent many years in prison. He told of his intense anger at Christians who tried to witness to him in prison. As they handed him a Bible, he grabbed it ... opened it ... and prepared to tear it in half. Looking more closely at it, he noticed the words "deceitful above all things and desperately wicked." That was him! The words stopped him from what he was doing.

After reading the Bible, daily, over a period of time, he found and accepted the forgiveness of the God he read about in the Bible. Taking God's forgiveness a step further, today the completely forgiven criminal now runs a children's center for teaching and training kids affected by crime.

Another story of incredible forgiveness was told to Shannon while in Burundi. A young girl who watched the killing of her father and brother learned to forgive and even care for one of the very men who killed her family. Listen to Shannon tell the story in her own words.

Published: 26 April 2007