Set Apart for the Gospel

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"All of us (as Christians) have been set apart for the gospel-a calling in obedience to the Holy Spirit," says Dr. Mbennah, International Director for TWR Africa. These powerful words taken from the historical event recorded in the book of Acts-the setting apart of Barnabas and Saul (who was also called Paul)-were the key focus at the recent TWR commissioning service for Rev. Bobo Gomes-Co.

The steps leading up to brother Bobo's commissioning to serve the Lord have been steep at times. For example, on Christmas Eve day 2008, Bobo found himself laying flat on his back in a hospital in West Africa. His leg had been shattered and neck severely injured. He was hit by a car, only weeks before his service for the Lord with TWR was to begin.

A little more than a year later, on the third of February 2010, Bobo's steady, straight walk to the front of the church gave testimony to the Holy Spirit's anointing of Bobo for service as the new Area Ministry Director for Southern Africa.

The role of ministry director was previously held by Rev. Isac Silvano. As he handed the baton over to Bobo he referred to the healing in Bobo's body and said, "God's miracle has taken place. You are alive today because of God's agenda." From experience Isac concludes, "The Lord will accomplish God-sized assignments for you. Be strong and God will bless you."

Following a prayer of commissioning, Bobo's wife, Dorcas, spoke of "God's cover of peace, like a coat" during the days following her husband's accident. Dorcas then sang a song of testimony titled, "Better is one day in Your house, than a 1,000 without You."

Closing the commissioning service, Bobo boldly stated his resolve to preach the gospel, "As long as I breathe, I will preach in Africa."

Published: 25 February 2010