True Healing - Hospital Radio in Angola

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TWR's team in Angola, who already produce excellent Bible teaching radio programmes, matters dealing with women's spiritual and physical health and Christian music, will soon be able to expand their outreach to a hospital in a poor section of Luanda.

* Lying on a hospital bed looking at a newborn baby curled up nearby brings thoughts of joy mixed with fear to a mom pondering her future relationship with this tiny new person entrusted to her.
* Sitting on a bench in the waiting area of a hospital a family member feels the heavy weight of concern for their loved one, a patient, wondering what the future holds.
Soon a new mom recovering in a hospital and a waiting family member in the same hospital will be able to listen to Christian programmes over the hospital's loudspeaker system.

TWR-Angola was given permission to install wiring in the hospital for a PA system which will play CDs of popular Christian radio programmes such as Project Hannah's Women of Hope.

Because TWR is committed to ministering to the whole person, patients, friends, family and hospital staff will soon be able to hear about the Great Physician and true healing.

Two fantastic advantages of this brand new concept for our TWR-Africa ministry is first, a wholistic approach of caring for the soul as physical needs are being met, and second, the reuse of already popular radio programmes produced by our national staff in Angola.

Praise God for those who have given financial gifts to see this ministry outreach developed in Angola. Your gift of R100, R200, R500 or whatever amount the Lord lays on your heart, will help TWR extend its radio reach further in other similar projects across Africa.

Published: 25 February 2010