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Reaching Beyond Barriers, is a book filled with stories about ministry to West Africa. TWR recently published the book, Reaching Beyond Barriers, to give testimony to the reader of the many ways God works in the lives of people to bring the gospel through radio into this region of Africa.

It has been five months since the launch of the book and the response of readers has been very encouraging. Readers have expressed their thoughts in various ways; through personal contacts, email communications, TWR website responses, text messages, blog notes and facebook messages.

Readers were asked which story in the book is their favourite. The answers covered many of the stories:

  • "Like a child, I thought how incredible the well digger story is! I saw God's awesome hand at work in the story about the two pastors and two presidents as well. Of course my favourite is chapter 13, 'On Air!' I also loved the pictures in the book. I could read about someone and then look at their picture to put a name with a face."
  • "I enjoyed two of the stories in particular. The first one I enjoyed was about the pastor with the ants climbing up his walking stick. The second story I enjoyed was when permits were being sought (for a radio broadcast license) and the young man recognizing the name of the official and inquiring if he was related to a childhood friend."
  • "Being an engineer myself, I really appreciate Chapter 9, 'High Tech for Benin,' for all the technical issues to be solved and overcome in the bush. I liked especially how God brought people and resources together. Hope this AM radio station is doing well and bearing much fruit in Western Africa."
  • "My favourite story is of Allou on page 84." 
  • "My favourite story is of Lazare and the old Bariba pastor. This is a very moving story. I have told the ladies in the prayer circle about the book."
  • "My favourite is knowing so many people in the book and reading their story."

Many copies of the book have found their way into the hands of church mission team members, missionaries on the field and friends and relatives who have given financially and in prayer for mission work around the world.

Reaching Beyond Barriers not only reveals the struggle and success of crossing barriers in West Africa, it has also crosses an intense barrier in a marriage as this reader gives testimony:

"I want to share with you a blessing brought about by the book 'Reaching Beyond Barriers'.... (My copy of) the book was lent to a young man who had left his wife after a short marriage. After reading the book this young man was convicted of his sins, returned to his wife, asked for forgiveness and is now back in the marriage."

Copies of Reaching Beyond Barriers are available in South Africa, the USA and Canada. If you would like to receive a copy of the book, fill in the response form online at the follow location.

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