Q&A with TWR - Toby and Brita

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Toby and Brita Pfeiffer are a young couple who recently joined TWR's team in Manzini, Swaziland. Brent Bartlett caught up with them and asked them about their first impressions of working with TWR...

Can you tell me what kind of work you're doing with TWR?

Toby: I work as a radio technician at TWR-Swaziland and so far it has been really good working as a team.

Brita: I am involved in the hostessing. I really love it. I have always dreamed of having such a job one day and it came true. It is such a privilege to be part of a worldwide organisation like TWR.

Where are you from and how did you two meet?

Toby: We come from the south of Germany, a town close to Stuttgart. We met in The Netherlands and discovered that we live 40 minutes away from each other.

How did you find out about TWR and how did you become involved?

Toby: We were looking for a radio ministry where I could use my technical gifts working as an engineer. We first looked at another organisation but they didn't have the funds for the projects they wanted to do. We asked the missionary sending agency in Germany if they had anything for us and they recommended TWR.

Brita: We gave them the choice to use us where they needed us the most. So, in many ways this would be God's choice.

What were your first impressions when you arrived in Swaziland?

Brita: The whole Swaziland team met us at the airport when we arrived and that really impressed us. The house was totally prepared for us. They helped us each step of the way to get through the town and get what we needed together for our home. It was just wonderful to know we arrived safely and the team we're working with is great. It was a blessing.

Toby: For me it was a surprise to see Swaziland so developed. I have been in East Arica where if you want to buy something nice like chocolate or sweeties or something nice it is very expensive. I was expecting a really poor country and I was very surprised by what I saw. The living conditions are not as bad as I thought.

What would you want to say to people who want to join TWR?

Brita: Just come immediately! We need a lot of IT people. Yeah! I love being part of it.

Toby: Yes! Just come!