Epic Story: Marriage God's Way

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Jubilant joy radiated from her! She danced around the group of ladies with her hands in the air proclaiming, " ... He made a traditional marriage 'lobolo' and I am very happy!"

Such happiness must have an intriguing tale behind it, and this one does; a love story born in a prayer group - African style.

In Mozambique, as in most African countries, lobolo or lobola is a part of the courting process before marriage. Lobola is an age-old African custom that is as alive today as it was 100 years ago. It is the bride's price paid by a prospective groom to the bride's family, similar to the western dowry.

Lobola is not simply about how much the groom is able to give; it is whether he shows enough interest in the girl to initiate a meeting between the two families.

The prayer group love story was preceded by a sad heart of longing.

"I asked my sisters to help me in prayer," explained the young Mozambican lady, "to have the same social status as most of the TWR Project Hannah (PH) prayer group ladies."

"All my life I had never had a man that wanted to stay with me, a man that wanted a serious relationship that would lead us to marriage. After a PH meeting nearby I met a man who wanted to be serious about our relationship. After four months together, he made a traditional marriage 'lobolo' and I am very happy!"

What makes the African lobola so important for marriage is that it is based on a process that brings two families together. The love between the man and woman is expanded to include the immediate and extended families. Family is an important element in African culture and especially in the institution of marriage.

The happy prayer group member finalized her explanation with the words, "Now I have a ring and a different social status! Now people respect me. Thank you Lord! Thank you, sisters."

Esperança Boquisso, PH Co-ordinator in Mozambique, ties the love story together with God's positive look on marriage when she says, "the PH ministry is becoming better known amongst the churches because of its positive contribution in the lives of people."

For more information about the PH ministry in Africa and how you can get involved in the positive contributions the ministry is having in the Church across Africa, please contact TWR at {www.twrafrica.org}

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Published 25 February 2010