Blind Faith Meets with Compelling Love - A Story of Hope

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Country: Malawi

TWR Malawi witnessed an inspiring encounter in which one listener was blessed by two other listeners. This is a beautiful story where faith and love meet, lives and hearts are touched, and God is glorified.

Stella Kalinde was born with full vision 50 years ago, but in April 2012 she suddenly became blind from an unknown illness.  Stella, better known as Nachanza, told us that she was a regular TWR listener before becoming blind. “I have been a keen listener of TWR all along. I became an even more committed listener when you introduced [the radio program] Friday Night Live in January last year.”

She is the mother of three girls and a boy and worked more than 12 years in a stationary office before having to stop because of her eyesight problem. The Kalinde family lives in Chilinde, a suburb of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

She used to own a radio, which developed technical problems late last year. Therefore, she started relying on her neighbors when she wanted to tune in to TWR. “Unfortunately, my frequent visits caused tension in the neighbor’s family because some members felt I was intruding,” she told us with sadness.

During one edition of Friday Night Live, Nachanza called the TWR studios to share her needs. They were twofold: prayer for healing of her sight and a request for help in obtaining her own radio receiver.

Mr. and Mrs. Blessings Nkhoma in Salima (about 100 kilometers from Lilongwe) heard Nachanza’s plea on the air that night and were moved to do something about her need for a radio. They committed themselves to getting a radio set for her! They obtained the radio, got in touch with the TWR Malawi office and arranged to meet Nachanza at the radio station.

When Nachanza visited the TWR offices in Lilongwe to collect her radio, she was filled with joy. She exclaimed: “I could not believe my ears when I heard that someone has bought a radio for me. You know, I have been missing my favorite programs, Nkhomaliro Ya Mau and Nzeru Pa Chuma, for some days now.”

She thanked the Nkhomas for extending a hand of love to her through the purchase of the radio set.

“I will now be able to listen to TWR throughout, as I don’t have to inconvenience my neighbors anymore to do so,” she added.

In May 2013, she was among the listeners who blessed TWR with a gift. She said that she had been moved to respond to the ministry’s appeals for support and that she had peace only after giving a tithe of her income from the rentals on her small houses.

When asked how she meditates on God’s Word, Nachanza said she mostly relies on the audio material because she is unable to read braille.

“My major desire now is to have the audio Scriptures. I know that God will heal me and recover my sight, but maybe for now he wants me to hear his Word through this approach,” she said.