Bringing Leadership tools into the Social Media

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Many young leaders in Africa need suitable tools to learn biblical principles of leadership. TWR-Africa offers the radio programme “Tools for Wise Leadership”.

From 2015 onwards leaders can also listen to this leadership programme on the TWR360 mobile phone app and can interact on the Tools for Wise Leadership Facebook page about the leadership topics.

For each practical work one needs suitable tools. Leaders in Africa also need good tools so that they can lead effectively. How can young leaders to grow and mature with suitable tools? For many years TWR has broadcast the radio series Tools for Wise Leadership to equip leaders with wisdom. The programme is presented by Rev Dr Roy Musasiwa and produced by TWR-Zimbabwe.

TWR is advancing the use of modern technology, including social media, to interact more closely with listeners and to provide the media programmes on new channels. In January 2015 TWR launched this leadership programme for Internet and mobile platforms:

  • On Facebook young leaders can discuss the topics of each episode and relate the leadership skills to their personal lives. You are invited to “like” the page
  • With the mobile phone app TWR360, young leaders can listen to each leadership programme and can download the complete manuscript with discussion questions. Would you also like to listen to these leadership programmes? Just visit or find Tools for Wise Leadership in the TWR360 app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

You may be interested in supporting this project for equipping young leaders through your resources. You can also help by pointing leaders that you know towards the new online leadership resources. Please pray for this initiative during this six month pilot project as TWR explores various ways of interacting with the younger leaders through the social media. Please also pray for the young leaders that they become inspired and challenged to apply the biblical leadership principles in their own lives.