TWR Kenya has an Electrifying Experience

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Some people grow so quickly that their clothes become stretched and torn and threaten to fall right off their backs. Only so many patches can be sown on and then replacement is necessary. TWR-Kenya is like this.

Over the past 23 years they have gone from strength-to-strength seeing their once small broadcasting house become a burgeoning complex of broadcasting activity. Unfortunately, the electrical system didn't quite keep up with the demands being placed on it, and with the efficacy of patch jobs finally running out, the situation had reached dangerous proportions.

We praise God that a donor came forward and provided the funds required to remedy this situation. On February 28, a team of skilled people travelled to TWR-Kenya. The team consisted of Lee Lowell (TWR USA Office), Chuck Saunders (TWR Africa Regional Office), James and Lyn Burnett (TWR Africa Regional Office), and Dian Mathee (3D Outreach South Africa). They were assisted on site by David Katana (TWR-Kenya studio maintenance) and George Arodi (a local electrical engineer). Each of these individuals brought their unique gifts to the project, helping make it a success. Lyn was particularly helpful as she kept everyone well fed and took care of some of the non-electrical needs.

Many notable and necessary upgrades were made to the electrical infrastructure. A foundational improvement was the work done to the main distribution panel which was a disaster waiting to happen. One of the fuses was an absolute fire hazard and James remarked that it was a miracle it hadn't caught alight. This entire panel was reworked and tidied and the necessary equipment was installed. Replacing the existing fuses with a new circuit breaker has not only brought safety, it has also brought convenience - restoring power after an outage (power outages occur frequently) is now as easy as flipping a switch, instead of the laborious task of checking and replacing (dangerous) fuses. A new three-phase breaker was also installed to balance the load of electricity throughout the complex (the house was originally built to handle only one phase).

Other notable improvements include: modifying the unsatisfactory generator installation, improving old and installing new distribution panels, ventilating the UPS cabinet, placing a new counter in the server room, cleaning and rearranging the server room, cleaning the water tanks, repairing the air-conditioning system, replacing old, faulty wall plugs and switches, and installing new ones. All in all, a complete facelift!

Lyndon Munetsi (Business and Communications Development Manager TWR-Kenya) is thrilled with the results of the project. He is pleased that the risk of electrical fire and equipment damage has been nullified by the stability of the new system. He believes that the project's success has gone a long way toward ensuring the efficient running of the TWR ministry in Kenya.

Indeed, the team achieved a great deal. It was like when a person opens a puzzle box and finds all the pieces in disarray and labours to put them correctly together to form a beautiful picture. Just as puzzle-making can be fun, the team had a good time exercising their God-given gifts and abilities to make a big difference in Kenya.

Published: 18 March 2010