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Time and time again, TWR receives listener requests for the details of songs that have been aired. Recently a request was received from a listener who remembered a song that was played almost four years ago! Another listener who was awake at 3:18am on New Year's Day was anxious to get the details of a song which touched his heart in a very special way. It is undeniable the impact that a single song, even a single lyric can have on a person.

Therefore TWR is committed to using Christian music to minister to people. TWR is committed to giving local Christian artists airtime in order to assist in facilitating the expansion of their ministry. Danie Du Preez, National Director for TWR-South Africa, says that the ultimate goal is to "get the heart of the worshipper to the people" by broadcasting not only their music, but their stories too. Their testimonies can have a powerful impact on listeners. One such local artist is Janie Bay. TWR caught up with Janie recently.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Janie now lives in Jeffrey's Bay with her husband and comes to Johannesburg regularly to do her recording. It was in Jeffrey's Bay that Janie found the space and time to develop her vocal signature which is characterised by a strong, unique voice and sound. Her music is a mix of light rock to alternative/electro rock, and has its influences from 60's music and also 80's and 90's rock. So far Janie has recorded three songs and is busy completing her album which should be out by mid-2010. The music video for her first single "Feels Like" has been released online and on television, and plans are afoot to shoot the music video for her next single, "The Meaning".

Speaking about her calling, Janie says "I felt God's calling on my life was not only to play in the Christian music arena but to break more into the secular world and for Him to use me to reach and influence the unsaved". The heart of a missionary beats in Janie. She wants to get out there into the dark places of the world and let her light shine.

Janie also says "I just want to be able to share my life experiences with others through my music and I want to be as honest and open as I can. I feel this is what people really connect with". Indeed - truth communicated via music born in the crucible of real life speaks volumes to a world that is yearning for Christians who are real people.

Listen out for Janie on TWR Radio 155 and connect with her through her electronic media: {}, {}, and {}

Published: 26 March 2010

[Janie Bay]
Gospel singer Janie Bay