Text Message Ends Murder Plot - A Listener Story

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Philipines-smallTWR Country Focus: The Philippines

Rita listened to TWR’s radio programs regularly and attended church every Sunday. Despite this, she never felt worthy in her marriage.

Her husband, who was not a believer, would insult her at every opportunity – even in public. She felt humiliated, but for the longest time, she kept her discontentment to herself.

Unloved and disrespected, her resentment for her husband festered within her.

 One day, something snapped inside her and she lost control. A raging anger consumed her heart and mind, and Rita made up her mind to kill him.

Just as Rita was plotting how to carry out this crime, God’s mercy came in the form of a text message delivered to her mobile phone. Rita, you see, had subscribed to receive text messages of encouragement from TWR.

There on the phone, right before her eyes, was a reminder that God wanted her not only to forgive her enemies but also to love them.

When Rita saw the message, God convicted her of her actions. She awoke to the terrible realization of what she was planning to do. Rita called the TWR phone number on the message, and told the counselor the horrible truth – she had been about to murder her husband.

“Sorry, sorry,” Rita cried. “I am so sorry. Thank you for rescuing me. You saved me from sinning. Thank you so much.”

Facts about the Philippines*:

  • Eleven out of the country’s 7,250 islands contain the bulk of the population, which comprises nearly 100 million people.
  • Many factors, among them corruption, rapid population growth, political disturbances and natural disasters, contribute to problems of poverty and unemployment.
  • TWR Philippines produces two key programs to reach the next generation: Absolutely 24/7, which urges young people to live their lives fully for Christ; and Mumunting Kutitap (Little Lights), which connects with children through creative drama.

* Some information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th Edition.