A Radio Companion for Senior Citizens - A Listener Story

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Latvia Radio companion for senior citizens smallTWR Country Focus: Latvia

A retired teacher wrote from Latvia to offer her thoughts on the role of Christian broadcasting, especially a program aimed at seniors, in her daily life.

Dear producers, I am so thankful that you have such a program as SilverAge in which you especially give attention to elderly people. I am a former teacher – quite an old senior citizen: 89 years.

I have lived a long and difficult life. I knew the years of Stalin, war and repression. All of it is now in the past. Praise the Lord we live now at a time when we can freely believe in Jesus Christ. …

I am a sinner. Now, having time, I can analyze my actions and see my sins and teach my grandchildren. It is fall time; I love this time of the year. Fall is my old age. I can see in it the wonders of spring, the fruits of the summer, and the rains of autumn. The heavy clouds let us know there will be a reward. …

In the evening I watch TV and listen to radio. I regret the fact that the church is 75 kilometers away from me. So I cannot worship in the church as I would like to.

Generally, we elderly people are often grumbling and capricious. We do not like many things in life. But the main thing is this: We should value the time, every day, that we have and can enjoy, that we can see the world, the sun and nature. And that we do have someone whom we can trust, who hears us and forgives us.

That someone is God.

Facts about Latvia*:

  • This Baltic nation of about 2 million people shares a border with Russia and has a large Russian minority population living there.
  • After an upsurge in religious interest upon the breakup of the Soviet Union, which Latvia was a part of, the fervor has largely cooled to what has been called a “lethargic status quo.”
  • Along with rapid growth in the economy have come increases in social problems and spiritual apathy.

* Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the preparation this country report.