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Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me;" (Matt. 19:14). Jesus is waiting, and the little children of Zimbabwe are themselves decidedly desperate for us to bring them to Jesus. They need Him to place His hands on them, as He has on us, and as He did on those children in Judea so many centuries ago.

We are all aware of the problems in Zimbabwe. However, are we aware of the utter anguish these problems are causing to Zimbabwe's children? More than one million children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and have had to assume the responsibility of running their households.

1. Many try to flee the poverty they are facing making them extremely vulnerable. Zimbabwe has become a source of child trafficking for the purposes of forced labour and sexual exploitation.

2. One journalist describes children who have fled Zimbabwe and are living on the street in South Africa as follows: "They bear the look of street urchins, their eyes on the prowl for useful scraps of garbage and their bodies covered in clothes no cleaner than a mechanic's rags."

3. Indeed, these little children need a Saviour.

TWR started Project Samuel to introduce children to the Saviour. It is a project which seeks to inject Christ into their chaos and help them see that He wants to be their true friend. The project endeavours to instruct them on how to navigate the frightening milieu of disasters they are exposed to everyday. This is done through a group of children who act out a radio drama called Witness at the Water. Children bring their questions to a wise old woman living by a river who teaches them God's answers.

The radio pilot of this project was recorded recently in Zimbabwe. Laurie Vogt, the executive producer, has encouraging feedback. His comments on all those involved are very reassuring:4

He says that Evertisto Musedza, the producer on site, "Not only has the technical requirements to do the job (spiritual background, children's ministry and drama experience), but also has a passion for being involved in this production". Of Malinda Majikalima, the technician on site, he says, "She is a competent engineer. She also played a valuable advisory role in the pilot production". Of the Gogo (Grandmother) to whom the children go for advice, he says, "She has a voice, manner, execution and talent that epitomises what we look for in this character." Lastly, but most certainly not least, he says of the children that they "quickly got to grips with voice acting and delivered a believable, realistic performance." Overall, Laurie rounds off his sterling report saying that it was a "successful and satisfying trip".

Through this amazing project TWR is helping Christian children speak to children about their Saviour and hope, Jesus Christ.
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