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TWR-Burundi Content Production Centre

Have you ever thought of sending your child to school with an abacus, while all the others kids get to go to school with Blackberries? Probably not!

TWR-Burundi knows what this feels like. As you read this, their equipment buzzes feverishly, tired after many years of extensive use. With this antiquated equipment they strive to deliver quality programming and music recordings, but this is a feat that has quickly become untenable. Technicians are frustrated and listeners struggle with poor quality audio sounds.

Yet, TWR is indispensable in Burundi. It is well known for its programmes on reconciliation. Each Saturday, in the capital, Bujumbura, when it's time for the TWR programmes to go on air people hurry off to listen. They listen because they are looking for hope - "Centuries of oppression and cycles of killings, reprisals and counter-killings have left a legacy of pain and hatred that bode ill for any resolution."


The figures which illustrate this pain are shocking - "An ethnic-based war that lasted for over a decade resulted in more than 200,000 deaths, forced more than 48,000 refugees into Tanzania, and displaced 140,000 others internally. Only one in two children go to school, and approximately one in 15 adults has HIV/AIDS. Food, medicine, and electricity remain in short supply."


It is into this milieu that TWR-Burundi needs to broadcast the hope of Jesus Christ.

There is therefore a need for a project to remedy TWR-Burundi's situation. The successful completion of such a project will provide the TWR-Burundi studios with state-of-the-art equipment for producing programmes, music recordings, CDs and cassette duplication. In addition the project will cover training on the use of the new equipment for the studio manager and technician. Furthermore, some of the funds for the project will be used to build a wall around a plot of land which was given to TWR-Burundi.  This will prevent the land from being taken away, securing it for future developments.

Through the project TWR-Burundi will be able to continue to pour Living Water on a thirsty land.


A studio at TWR Burundi's offices  
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