The "Ends of the Earth" Tune in to Pretoria

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On Saturday 6 March 2010 TWR's media partnership with Triple M Productions turned the locally hosted event, Turn2God, into a global experience. The event took place at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, and was heard as far afield as Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Senegal and Ireland! 1

This was made possible via a live broadcast of the event through TWR Radio 155 on DStv. In addition the satellite feed was audio streamed on the web and several community radio stations broadcast the live feed on FM during the course of the day.

Thousands of people at the event and at home participated in worship and prayer, and were blessed by the encouraging, challenging and instructive messages preached by Angus Buchan, Bennie Mostert, Elza Meyer, Graham Power and Jackson Xhosa.

This broadcast is the first major broadcast in a string of several significant broadcasts happening in South Africa this year, including: the Mighty Men's Conference in April, the Global Day of Prayer in May, the Soccer World Cup in June/July and the Lausanne conference in October.

The partnership between TWR and Triple M Productions was born as a result of TWR asking the question: "How can we utilise our DStv platform to the maximum?"2 The solution was to broadcast more local content since there are over five million DStv viewers in South Africa.3 This local content is not just for South Africans though, and will also be sent into Africa for FM broadcasts where appropriate - Africa reaching out to Africa.

An example of local content being developed is the build up to the Soccer World Cup 2010. Part of the TWR offering is a sports programme and this programme will interview Christian soccer players whose testimonies will be heard throughout the continent of Africa.

Each organisation has unique advantages and skills sets that are making this possible. TWR will provide infrastructure, and Triple M Productions will assist with the marketing process. The task is to get more people aware of TWR Radio 155 in order to not only grow the listener base, but to encourage people to become partners with TWR's ministry.

The echo of the Turn2God event was heard throughout the week after it took place. With local community FM stations using recorded content from the event, the message was spread wider and further, blessing and challenging many others.

2 Danie Du Preez, National Director of TWR South Africa
3 SAARF All media Product Survey July 2008 - June 2009

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