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25.6% of the world population are using the Internet. That's approximately 1.7 billion people!1 Their access occurs through more than 1.6 billion devices and 450 million of those devices are mobile. It is expected that the total number of devices will exceed 2.7 billion by the end of 2013!2

These statistics alert us to the awesome opportunities that exist to reach people online with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using video, audio and text, people around the world can be edified with biblical truths at the click of a button. Imagine, for example, a person on their mobile phone in Indonesia - while surfing the net, they can access a web site and obtain previously unobtainable biblical content for free.

But there is a problem - the barrier of English based web sites. An Indonesian may have the equipment, but the material they long to see, read or hear in their heart language is just not available. It is to this particular problem that Linguablast- is the solution.

Linguablast- converges audio, video and textual content onto one platform containing fully translated, searchable web sites in potentially 200+ languages. Thus, with Linguablast-, the web can become a broadcasting vehicle for any organisation which seeks to get biblical content to people. For example, via Linguablast- a Bible school is able to upload video, audio and notes of its lectures for its correspondent students to access via remote login. Or, a church could upload the same for weekly sermons, and any courses they are running. Similarly, a ministry can reach a particular people group in this same way.

Linguablast- delivers eight unique aspects to a web-based ministry:
1. It is a fully customisable web portal which can be seamlessly integrated into a current webpage.
2. It has a built in video and/or audio player which means that users don't need third party software (like Windows Media Player-, QuickTime Player- or Real Player-), licenses, downloads or installations to use the content.
3. Users are able to download any content for use at a later stage on a remote device.
4. There is an embedded, translated Bible so that if any biblical texts are referenced in the content, the verses are easily accessible without linking to another site.
5. Everything that is uploaded is indexed so that users can search for what they're looking for using keywords.
6. The sharing feature enables users to spread the content via email, blog or web site.
7. Opportunities for cross-platform promotion exist whereby multiple entry points can be created for users to access the content ensuring maximum reach.
8. Currently, i-Phone- users will be able to access content through i-Phone- applications. There is a possibility this feature will be extended to include BlackBerry- and Android-.
Linguablast- exists to empower your ministry to fulfill the vision that God has given you. So, if you are a broadcaster, a church, a theological college, or a ministry with an online presence, contact TWR about using Linguablast-. Expand your reach by providing content for users in their heart-language so they don't have to continue surfing in frustration, stumbling through English-only web sites.