Epic Story: Gangster steals radio, tunes in, experiences new life

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Meet Mark.1 Until recently, Mark was deeply burdened by years in the Mozambique military and thereafter lived adrift in a sea of meaninglessness as an armed gangster. One day Mark woke up ready to go about his business of stealing. Little did he know the tide was about to turn on his life. Later that same day, Mark would steal a radio, and that radio would be the instrument God would use to bring Mark into the Kingdom.

Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries.2 The majority of its population live below the poverty line.3 Less than one third of the Peoples in Mozambique have an established, significant church.4 Mozambique has limped through centuries of colonial neglect; the destructive application of Marxist economic theories; and 30 years of intense guerrilla warfare.2 Is there hope? Mark's story says that there is indeed hope. God can reach into any circumstance and save anyone, and with TWR at the helm of the airways in Mozambique there is a voice calling out in the wilderness.

Mark heard that voice. He recounts his experience as follows: "When I turned on (the radio), I was looking for any radio station. It turned on to the TWR transmission. I listened to programmes in different languages. One programme called me to pay attention". Co-incidence? More like God-incidence. He goes on, "It was the programme, Weherya MwaYesu (Words of Hope). Pastor Mutilima was talking about crime and all kinds of sins. The pastor said that those who live in sin are enemies of Jesus and they will be judged on the last coming of Jesus".

This got Mark thinking about the second coming of Jesus, "I read the passage in Revelation: 'murderers, immoral ... idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. This is the second death.' (Revelation 21:7-8)".

Mark didn't just think about it. He placed his faith in Jesus and immediately set out to do the work of evangelism - "I told this message to my three other group members". The result? The whole gang took Jesus into their lives and are "testifying about His second coming to others".

May God use Mark's dramatic conversion and his friends to turn the tide in Mozambique.

1. Not his real name
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Significant Church = greater than 2% Evangelicals